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Sliding & Hinged Whiteboards - Made in New Zealand!

Sliding Whiteboards

3D Products offer several options of sliding and hinged boards allowing you to maximise the area within a classroom or workplace. All options can be customised to suit your measurements. Options include:

Fixed Whiteboard with 2 Sliding Boards
One large whiteboard is fixed to the wall and two smaller sliding boards move independently and cross over each other in front of the fixed whiteboard.

Sliding whiteboard over fixed board

Two Sliding Boards
This is an ideal option where storage space is placed behind the whiteboard area.

Sliding whiteboard over storage

Three Sliding Boards
Three individually sliding boards that can move across the area of an existing whiteboard, noticeboard or storage cupboards.

Removable Sliding Boards
Boards can be lifted off the tracks and moved to other areas of the classroom or workplace where track is installed.

All options can be used in conjunction with existing 3D Products fixed whiteboards or noticeboards.

Hinged Whiteboards

Usually supplied in double-sided whiteboard with aluminium frame and hinged from the side. This option helps utilise whiteboard space in a small area and can be fixed alongside existing whiteboards, blackboards or noticeboards (picture shows wooden frame option).

Hinged whiteboard with wooden frame option

Please contact us to confirm prices.

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